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Create Authority Videos To Get More Eyeballs On Your Offer And Turn Strangers From Warm To Hot Easily

We are going all out with VIDEOS...

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(Some videos created by Members in our 21 Days Video Challenge Community)

THE GOAL: To Create Talking-Head-Authority Videos for Your Business!

These type of videos will make you stand out in your market, boost your authority and attract clients who align with your personality, authenticity and power.


I’m excited to welcome you to our 

21 Days Video Challenge!!!


As you join you’ll be creating 21 short-form talking head videos to cross-promote on your online platform(s) – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.


And NO, you won’t have to figure it out on your own, because I’ll show you:

# How to create all the videos easily and quickly [including the behind-the-scenes of how I do it so effortlessly].

# How to consistently churn out videos to get MORE EYEBALLS on your offers, ‘cement’ authority with prospects and turn strangers from warm to hot easily… [others are still dancing and pointing, but you’ll be far far ahead with this].

# How to easily become the go-to expert in your niche as you consistently share your unique insights, opinions, thoughts and perspectives in visual form [and not just through text].

# How to never run out of ideas on what videos to create or topics to talk about [get ready to flood your feeds with bingeable content and shake up your market].

Our Schedule

Day 1: Orientation (all the info you need + access to our community)

Day 2 – 7: Planning and recording your first set of videos easily…

Day 8 – 30: You’re on a roll now… Whoop!!!

[of course, with my guidance, support, accountability, and a community of like minded people doing this alongside you]…

If you're a business owner, thought leader, personal brand, industry expert, coach, consultant, course creator, service provider or entrepreneur this is your chance to amplify your voice and get the attention of the people who need you and are ready to pay you!


Got Questions?

I've answered some frequently asked below...

It’s INSTANT ACCESS. Meaning there is no general start date. Once you register, you’ll access your orientation and join us in the community to kickoff.

We are all in there creating videos. Register and join instantly.

Your camera phone and memory. If you have a tripod or lapel mic, fine. But they’re not compulsory. This challenge isn’t about gadgets but building authority, being accountable and staying consistent. 

Yes. You will be provided with prompts and ideas to create videos on. You’ll also be offered guidance on how to go about fleshing out the full video content for your audience. This will be shared with you during the first days of entry (the orientation).

Yes, you’ll be taught how to edit the videos and also include automated captions in seconds.

Short form. From 30 secs to 2 minutes max so it’s easy for you and for your audience to binge-watch on the go!

If you choose to make longer videos (e.g. for YouTube), it’s entirely up to you. 

No. You won’t need to pay for any software. Or download any complex software on your phone or computer. 

This video challenge is specifically for people who want to stand out/differentiate from what everyone else is doing, establish authority and attract the clients who are ready to trust and work with you on the go!

It’s also to help you boost your camera confidence as the leader that you are, so you can be comfortable to use your unique voice and connect deeply with your audience.

We prioritize authority-head-talking videos specifically for this challenge.

Meet Amba


I’m Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye. And my clients call me the Coaches’ Coach 🙂

Well, I guess I’ve earned it, having served hundreds of coaches and experts in the past 7+ years to establish authority in their niches, build their personal brands and multiply their income by impacting people with their knowledge and expertise.

Join me on this 21 Days Video Challenge where I will be guiding you step by step on how to churn out talking head videos that will help you stand out in your market and turn strangers to interested clients in no time.

Sign up already and let’s make magic together!

For enquiries, email: info@idarenotdread.com