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Below, I share 3 ways you can monetise your knowledge. Let’s make it quick…


Some people just want to know what and how! They are ready to pay for this knowledge and will figure out the rest for themselves. E.g. your clients want to learn how to run ads, bake cakes or even create animation videos. You can use any digital product to deliver a ‘How to’ training to them. E.g. an online course, an ebook or manual, video tutorial, etc. Just launch it and get paid for it. And the best part? You can upload them on online course platforms like Kajabi, Teachable, and even Dropbox, and sell them over and over and over again!


Another way to monetise your knowledge is to get them to do it. Now, some people will sit on your knowledge and do nothing about it. Others need guidance, others need motivation, others just need to be held accountable. You can proceed to deliver this through a practical live hands on session, or through an accountability group or master mind. The idea is to get all hands on deck and get paid to take them from knowledge to implementation pretty quick! This is what i do with the eBook launch program, where I get people to complete and launch their eBooks in 30 days through group coaching, guidance, support and holding them accountable. You can click here to learn all about it.


This is very common. Most people are busy and would rather have someone do the work and get paid. This is why the need for Virtual Assistants are on the rise rather than running from pillar to post learning social media algorithms. Skill will always be needed. This is also why I created the Digital Starter Bundle with over 15 training videos that can help anyone build basic technical skills that are in hot demand within the industry. Visit here to view the complete bundle, purchase it, learn, start getting paid to do techy stuff for others and stay ahead.

monetise your knowledge skill bundle

Smart thinking huh?

So, over to you! ARE YOU MONETISING YOUR KNOWLEDGE? What level are you better off delivering, 1, 2 or 3?

Drop your comments below…

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