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Candid post.

No one is telling you this, but I want to be a bit frank with you and tell you six reasons why your business suffered this year, and how you can start changing things now!

1. You tried to do it alone

You are your CEO, marketer, business manager, accountant, tax consultant, human resource officer, distributor, social media manager, photohrapher, even gateman. đŸ˜¢ Don’t do this to yourself.

2. You think working with others means they will steal your ideas.

And this is why you burn yourself and shield everything. If they steal it, so what? They could never do it like you do. And its only a matter of time before you see the idea you never shared being implemented by a stranger.

3. You are afraid to share your failures.

Yea. No one needs to know your last deal didn’t pull through. They don’t know that you haven’t made as much sales this month. They don’t know the business is almost dead. But they have to think you got it all perfect.Wake up. Seek help!

4. You are not delegating

You feel you can manage being a 100% parent, 100% spouse, 100% CEO and still have your business turn out 100%. Hire people. Get a Virtual Assistant, get an Accountant, get a cook! Pay people to get stuff done.

5. You refused to get off your phone.

True. You sat on your phone all day, all night, looking for clients online when other clients were searching for your solution offline. Learn to mix your methods. Go online and offline to get your clients.

6. You refuse to invest in your business.

You want everything FREE – free books, free class, free ads, free wifi, free apps, etc. (Hope awoof (free things) doesn’t choke you someday…). Learn to invest in your business. Get the best help your business needs and pay to get it if thats all it takes.

Thats all for now!

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