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The reason for putting up this post is because lots of small businesses still do not realise the potential online marketing offers. Many stick to social media alone and limit their chances of gaining wider visibility online. So, below I share 5 ways to attract more paying customers online. Follow me:

1. Get a website

This is because, when people generally go on the internet in search of products or services, facts prove that the first place they check is Google. Now, Google won’t display Instagram or Facebook posts to them but will show content on websites offering what the person is searching for. So, get a website!

2. Start Blogging

No, Blogging is not outdated.
And here is why!

People are always on the lookout for information on Google, and blogging will boost your business to them as they search. So if for instance, you are a Makeup Artist, blogging often on makeup tips will position you online as an expert, and get your brand in the faces of billions of clients searching for makeup tips on Google. As an expert, they will trust you more and be willing to patronize you.

3. Ads and Promotions

And I ‘m not just talking about Facebook sponsored ads. Consider also:

  • Google Ads, which places your ads on websites visited by your target customers
  • Backlinks from popular sites. Imagine having bellanaija.com mentioning your site on their post(s).
  • Paying Influencers for shoutouts or product reviews.

4. Generate leads

This is you simply identifying the clients most interested in what you are offering. You will need to attract them by offering something valuable for free in exchange for their contact details.
Once you have their contacts, you can start communicating (via email marketing, SMS marketing, etc.) and pitching your offers to them.

5. Create digital products

Create resources that help people find answers or solutions to their challenges. They will establish you as an Expert/Thought Leader and people will trust you to do business. You can start by creating:

  • eBooks
  • Templates/checklists
  • Online courses
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars, etc.

So, which of these will you be trying? Drop comments below…

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