How To Become A Highly Sought-After Coach In Your Niche While Enjoying A Balanced Life...

Here’s how I’ve been able to help my 300+ clients build thought leadership, become highly sought-after coaches, and get paid doing what they love without breaking their backs or giving up their freedom…

If you’re a female coach, I need you to listen closely to what I’m about to share because the balance you seek in life is attainable, even while you perform your responsibilities as a wife, mum, partner, supporter, business owner and of course coach.

Below, I break down 6 things you must do to gain mastery in your niche, become highly sought after for what you do, and achieve more in your coaching business by doing less so you can live the life of freedom and balance you truly desire.

Let’s begin…


1. Be the ‘brain surgeon’ (specificity sells)

No, I’m not asking you to go back to school. Lol!

The message here is on being specific and narrowing down on the market you wish to serve.

Understand this…

Being a ‘jack of all trades’ is a sure recipe for burnout. 

If you want to become a highly sought-after coach or consultant, you need to specialize or niche down to solving a specific problem for a specific group of people.

Specificity sells.

Let’s use the brain surgeon example to depict this in comparison to a general practitioner. 

If someone has a brain problem, they would rather go to a brain surgeon than a general practitioner. 

Same applies to the cardiologist. If someone has a heart problem, they would rather go to a cardiologist than a general practitioner.

This also applies to your niche. If you’re more specific with who you help, you’ll face less saturation in your market; attract the right clients; offer high quality services; and demand premium pricing.

Do you see how niching down automatically positions you at the top of your market and enables you to zone in on your genius (where you can deliver the most value)?

Remember, less is more, and you cannot be everything to everybody. 

So, identify the people you best serve and laser FOCUS on them. Then set a structure that serves them and pays you well without burning yourself out.


2. Filter, filter & filter…

Not all clients are worth the trouble and you don’t have to work with all the potential clients that come your way.

I say this because so many coaches I’ve seen are completely stressed and unfulfilled because they got the wrong set of clients into their business.

Let’s state the facts…

There are dream clients and there are clients from hell.

And guess what? 

More often than not, you can identify a client from hell during the initial interaction stage (if you apply the right filters at the beginning of your interaction with them).

This is why it is important to filter, filter and filter…

How do you do this? 

Here are some ways…

a) Ensure your messaging and marketing from the onset clearly communicates the clients you want as well as the clients you don’t want

b) Be very specific on your offer promise and set clear boundaries

c) Set up an application form for clients to fill before they get on a call with you (this form can act as a filter)

d) During your sales call, ensure you ask the right questions to be clear on what the client wants and what you are able to deliver (don’t make promises or claims you can’t fulfill) 

e) Ensure you and the client agree to a set of written guidelines or sign a contractual agreement before any official coaching engagement commences (I believe you already knew this).

Now, let’s move to the next point…


3. Stop winking in the dark

Okay, before you say, “…but Amba, what has winking in the dark got to do with coaching?”

Well, it’s basically an idiom.

And in this context, it literally means doing business without advertising i.e. you know what you’re doing, but no one else does.

The fact that you offer high-quality services doesn’t mean clients would automatically or magically appear at your doorstep. 

You have to showcase your expertise to attract the clients you want.

Thankfully, the internet era we’re in makes this much easier as we have the tools to extend our marketing and reach online without burning out (i.e. if you use the tools right).

If you desire that stress-less, balanced life, set your messaging right, show up in the best content formats available online, and promote your message to be heard by more people everyday using organic methods, paid ads, collaborations or whatever methods gets you in front of more eyeballs.


4. Optimize for effectiveness

We have access to far more (tools & resources) today than people had 40 years ago. And you need to leverage that.

The main idea here is to make the most of what’s available to you. And here are a few pointers to get you started:

a) Develop a schedule that allows you to balance your coaching business with other areas of your life. This will help you avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

b) This list should maintain the simple effective things that yield results, and weed off the mundane.

c) Set up systems in your business and leverage automation to run these systems. 

This works for me all the time. I do what requires human touch (like building relationships, engaging with clients/my audience, etc.), while my automated systems handle everything else. Bliss!

P.S: There is a lot of talk about AI (artificial intelligence) right now and while a lot of us are excited about the potential, some others are freaking out. 

As a coach, the former should be the case. You should be excited about the potential and start trying to figure out how to integrate AI into your business, so as to make your life easier.

d) Delegate where necessary. If certain tasks can be handled by your team or a virtual assistant, please delegate. Knowing how to do the menial tasks doesn’t mean you have to do them. Free up that time and use it for other important things.

e) Adopt coaching models that leverage community interaction, joint support and accountability. This will help ease work off you, as your clients will find the extra support they need from one another.

f) Create boundaries not just for your clients but also for you. Take time off work, rest, practice self care, reward yourself, spend time with family, do the other things you love and most importantly, live. Work will always be taken care of if you’ve fulfilled the rest of the points above. 


5. Guard your mental health

This is going to be one of the biggest needle movers in your business and I’m going to talk about this from 2 angles.

a) Upgrade your thinking of what is possible so as to attract more money, prosperity and freedom into your life. 

I say this because your mind is a powerful place. It houses your thoughts and has the power to make or mar you. 

So, if in your mind you’re unable to see yourself at that level you desire to be, or you keep sabotaging yourself, you’ll have a tough time getting there.

But if you begin to envision yourself being at the top of your niche, being highly sought-after, helping clients globally, bagging awards and recognition, achieving  exponential results; and living the life you so deeply desired, it will only be a matter of time and you will have exactly what you desire.

If you believe me on this, you’re halfway there already. And if you don’t believe me, you need to take this next angle very seriously.

b) Engage in experiences that help your mind to stretch and grow.

Your mind has the capacity to expand, so don’t limit it. 

Stretch it. Step out of your comfort zone and lead yourself into places you have never been. 

Give yourself permission to experience the things you have never experienced. 

Take that trip; test drive that car; try flying business class next time; give yourself a VIP trip; attend that high profile meeting, BE IN THE ROOM WHERE BIG THINGS ARE EXPERIENCED. 

The reason for this is to enable your mind to see beyond any barriers you may have fixed unawares. 

Only you has the power to break such barriers and empower yourself to truly see that everything you want and more is achievable in life. 

And if others are experiencing it, you can too. You can live the life you want. IT IS POSSIBLE!


6. Iron sharpens Iron… Reach out, get help and model successful people.

Success leaves clues. 

If your business needs help, don’t sit on it expecting it to magically transform. 

Sometimes a coach also needs a coach… and that’s okay…

As a coach yourself, you already know this is a shortcut to success. 

Infact, you can collapse time if you quit trying to figure out stuff on your own and get help from another coach who has already achieved success in the areas you may be struggling with. 

So, why not shortcut your success by getting a coach for yourself, quicken the learning curve and attain success faster. 

It’s the wisest thing to do if things aren’t going the way they ought to right now in your coaching business. 

Seek help from those who can help address your challenges. And don’t just hire anyone. Hire someone that can help you commit, execute & stay consistent (why most professionals hire coaches).

Now that wraps up the 6 points I needed to share with you on how to become a highly sought-after coach while enjoying a balanced life. 

I’m sure you already see that the life and success you desire is possible as long as you take the right steps to make it your reality.

I’m glad I was able to share these with you and look forward to doing more.

Cheers to your business success,


– Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye (Digital Strategist & Business Coach)


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