The Mindset Reset You Need To Become Super Successful As An Online Coach Or Consultant In 2023

From: Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye
Digital Strategist, Business Coach & Author

It has taken me over 7 years of business coaching to observe existing patterns, understand the online coaching industry, and identify what works and what doesn’t.

And in the next few minutes I’ll break down 3 mindset beliefs that have helped my business achieve tremendous growth these past years, having served hundreds of coaches and thought leaders worldwide.

If you’re a coach, expert or consultant, buckle up and pay attention to this because what I’m about to share will:

– Disrupt some of the things you’ve learnt before now

– Challenge your usual belief pattern

– Reset your mind for the possibilities that lie ahead for your 2023

– Take your business to the next level 

Let’s begin…  


1. Tech is not the ultimate; it’s only an enabler

Months back, I saw an article online showcasing the 10 richest women in the world. 

Majority of these women were middle-aged and above.

And this made me question…

“How is it that the most of the wealthiest people in the world today are from the generation where tech wasn’t exactly their reality?”

Does this tell you something?

I’ve had clients reach out to me about helping them master the tech that would make their coaching or consulting businesses successful.

They feel everything narrows down to setting up the website, creating sophisticated funnels, hacking algorithms, implementing tactics, etc.

And this is exactly where the problem is.

Our generation has so amplified tech that nothing else seems to matter outside of it.

But how did the wealthiest people in the world run their businesses before tech became mainstream?

It’s simple…

They leveraged fundamental marketing strategies and principles that outlive any tech razzmatazz, trends, tactics or tricks. 

And even when the tech age came, they used it not as a ‘controller’, but as an ‘enabler’, to amplify or scale their already existing strategies.  

Do you see why I say tech is not the ultimate? 

Tech is only an amplifier and there are a couple of important things that precede it. Important things like:

a)  A well crafted offer  (what value do you intend to deliver to clients and how is it going to make their lives better?)

b)  The right message that attracts the ideal client you want, etc.

If your messaging and offer is not compelling or dialed in… Guess what? 

Tech is not going to solve the problem of lack of sales that will ensue. 

Ever wondered why a lot of people spend a big amount of money on tech and end up not getting the results they envisaged?

I just gave you the answer!

You need to put the first things first and once you have all these dialed in, then you can start looking to leverage tech to: 

–  Amplify your message to reach more people

–  Automate your client attraction strategy

–  Systemize the process for signing them up and delivering the value you promised.

That’s how you’ll win.


2. The boring stuff will get you the BEST results

This isn’t fun to hear (obviously), but it’s the truth.

Real growth happens in the boring, non-exciting stuff that most coaches, experts and consultants online overlook.

Take a moment and look around social media.

Do you notice how most people get excited by the popular flashy stuff like going viral, following popular trends that appeal to everyone, getting lots of engagements, etc.

You would agree with me that sometimes you want these too, because they make you feel good and bring lots of people your way, but over time, here’s what I realized…

a)  Going viral does not always guarantee sales. Your metrics will spike and you may grow followers, but it’s no guarantee that you will sell or attract the kind of audience you actually want.

b)  Those long, boring content that most people have the least attention span for will get you your best clients. And I have experienced this countless times. Turns out my least engaging posts (usually lengthy value-driven posts) usually get me little to zero engagements, but the most DMs, enquiries and bookings. 

Also, when your messaging and offer is dialed in and tech is doing its thing, there is the tendency for you to get bored and want to start switching things up – maybe because you saw a new trend! 

My advice to you… Don’t! 

Don’t try to fix what is not broken! If it is working and making you money, LEAVE it.

Take a cue from some of the most successful brands and businesses around. 

Some of them have been selling the same product or service using the same strategies for years (and in some cases decades).

To the inexperienced business person, this may appear boring… but guess what? They are making a lot of money doing it, otherwise they wouldn’t be around for so long!

Bottom line is… boring gets results!

And the other good thing is, the boring systems or processes you run repeatedly will:

–  Keep you consistent

–  Help you perfect your skill, and become the master in your niche

–  Market you effortlessly. 

There’s actually no need to jump from one shiny object to the other.

You can probably relate with most of what I’ve explained above. 

Consistency will always outperform intensity, so set your mind to focus on the things that truly matter, not what appears popular but is irrelevant to your growth.


3. Strategy is great, but it’s not enough!

You can be a master at strategy and hard work, but if you lack the mindset needed to attract what you want, there will always be a limit to what you can attain.

A lot of coaches haven’t figured this out and that’s why they keep working twice as hard to earn more money, whereas some other coaches are doing far less and attracting more. 

This should tell you that strategy alone doesn’t cut it. What then is the missing piece?

The missing piece is that you are not tapping into a higher power that exists inside of you.

Your creative mind!

This is not a content about spirituality and I don’t intend to delve into that but here is what you need to know… 

If you want to achieve exponential growth in 2023, you have to make some personal changes. And here are a few things you must do:

a) Build your mind, thoughts, emotions and actions to reflect the new reality you want and raise your expectation to receive it

b) Be authentic, and feel good with being you, loving yourself and being yourself

c) Purge yourself of any negative thoughts, fears, beliefs or guilt

d) Practice gratitude always – be thankful for how far you’ve come and why it’s needed for where you’re going

e) Guard your mental state and consciously feed your mind with positive things, people and words

f) Get help in the areas you’re lacking or need support.

Doing these, in addition to strategy will change the game for you completely.

And this sums up the three vital mindset changes you’lI need to make to become super successful in 2023.

You would agree with me these aren’t the usual ideas everyone shares, and that’s how you know this was great value!

I’m glad I could share them with you as they have shaped my success today and I hope you take the action needed to up-level your own business and achieve exponential growth in 2023.

Cheers to your success,

– Amba


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