How Would You Like To Become A
Self-Published AUTHOR

...in just 30 days

This Coaching Program will help you achieve this, even if you have ZERO audience, ZERO experience or ZERO idea on where or how to begin...

Hello, i'm amba

And since 2019 I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe to establish themselves as authorities in their niche, gain brand exposure and attract premium clients easily, just by self-publishing their books.

How did iT ALL begin?

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On 1st March 2019, I launched my first eBook teaching online entrepreneurs how to launch their first eBooks. 

An irony you might think. But here’s the plot twist…

Less than 3 weeks later I was laid off my job! Just like that! No prior notice… No planning… Nothing!

All I had was this eBook, and an audience who desperately needed me to not only gift them this guide, but to also coach them through the journey, STEP BY STEP.

…And that’s how the 30 Days Coaching Program was birthed. Over 3 years later, I’m still here – helping more people become proud self-publishing authors.

So, do you find yourself asking questions like these...

“How do I establish Authority in my niche…?”

“How do I become known for what I do…?”

“How do I rise above the competition…?”

“How do I attract high-paying clients easily…?”

“How do I start gaining exposure and recognition for my expertise…?”

“How can I get paid to speak at live or virtual events, podcasts, conferences, etc…?”

“How do I build an audience for my business…?

“How do I start earning 5 to 6 figures on autopilot consistently while also spending time with my family, travelling and doing other stuff I love…?”

“How can I share my story with the world…?”

The answer to these questions is in one SIMPLE, YET UNDER-RATED strategy…




Unbelievable right? 

And NO… I’m not talking about the basic ‘A4 sized pdf people put together and call a freebie’…

I’m referring to you being able to create for yourself a well structed and formatted BOOK, in digital (or physical) form, following the typical standards for self-publishing.

This is what I’ve helped hundreds achieve since 2019. And the results speak for themselves over and over again! 

Now, this is no gimmick…

It is simply the reality of people who just like you, made a decision to become authors, and in one swift turn, started gaining recognition in their niche, attracting their ideal audience, building substantial income and seeing their lives transform completely.


Keep scrolling…

"I did not see all these doors that have opened before I wrote my book."

ELe Amodu
Here's Ele gaining media attention after launching her book. Here she spoke about her eBook (launched in October, 2019) written to help young women heal from emotional pain and find purpose in life.

So, what does the 'authoR in 30 days' program entail?

My process is simple!

– Once you signup, you commit to spending 30 days on the program, supported, trained and closely supervised to enable you self-publish your book.

– You will be given a step-by-step schedule to follow and milestones to achieve within set timeframes.

– You will be granted direct access to the full online course containing practical training videos and materials, guiding you through each step as spelt out on the schedule (yes, we inform you on what to do, and teach you how to do it).

You will discover the process to creating, structuring, publishing and marketing your book professionally without having to pay a publishing house.

– You will gain access to my Private Facebook community where you can meet and network with other authors, who are ever ready and willing to share their experiences, and cheer you to completion.



in a snapshot, Here's what the program entails...

The Complete Online Course, Schedule and Timelines

Gain direct access into the online course hosted on Teachable. The course contains all the vital information and step-by-step training you need to follow your 30 day schedule and deliver optimal results.

Weekly Coaching, Community and support

Get exclusive access to me via weekly coaching calls (for 4 weeks) to discuss your book and receive support through the 30 days process. You'll also gain access to my eBook community where you can meet with other authors I've trained, share ideas, network and connect.

Case Studies, Templates and Resources

You'll freely access templates and resources to help make your self-publishing journey easy and seamless. You'll also access case studies of successful launches on the program, so you can easily emulate for your launch

what the course covers...

Deciding and validating your book idea

We will help you come up with your book title if you haven't already done so. And if you have, we'll help you refine it to ensure it's marketable and clearly demonstrates what your book idea is about. You'll also be guided on how to validate demand for your book.

Putting together your book content and structure

You'll discover the ideal structure and format your book should follow, and be properly guided on how to approach your book chapters, research, and compilation of content.

Designing elements of your book

You'll discover how to design your book cover with free, easy online tools, as well as create your book mockup designs, so you do not have to hire a graphic artist (if you don't want to).

Formatting your book

You will discover how to properly format your book for digital and print versions, following standard Amazon self-publishing methods.

Creating your book funnel

You will discover how to publish your eBook using independent lead generation or sales funnels, which include setting up a landing page, opt-in or payment page, and automating instant delivery.

Publishing and marketing your book

Discover how to self-publish your book on Amazon Kindle and Paperback; including your independent book funnel, You'll also learn how to market your book effectively online.

offer breakdown





Have ready a laptop, phone and internet data. 

As for the writing process I strongly encourage you to use a laptop rather than a phone, as its easier to type your eBook content with this as well as maintain a standard book layout.

This is not a problem. Infact, we’ve had lots of people who started without a topic in mind and in no time they were able to come up with really good topics. We will help you decide on your topic. And if you would like to get others’ take on it, our community of Authors are ever ready to rub minds to help you figure out what your book topic would be

As a coach, my work won’t be to develop your content, or write for you, as you are the one with first hand expertise or experience in your topic. However, you’ll be provided with the information you need in terms of structure, layout, publishing, marketing, etc., but research and written content is entirely up to you.

Yes. You will learn how to set up an eBook funnel with a landing page and payment page to receive payments automatically.

Yes. You will learn how to self-publish for Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

All recorded trainings and learning materials are hosted at our online school on Teachable, of which you will be granted access to.  As for day to day group interaction, support and networking with other authors, these would happen in the exclusive Facebook Group created for the program. One on One sessions will be scheduled and held via Zoom.

No. We do not help with sales. However, you’ll be provided with the relevant information you need to promote and market your Book effectively.

I can assure you of the training and guidance you need to get this project done in the stipulated time, but the commitment and willingness to do it is entirely up to you. 

As a coach, I’ll try my best to challenge you, and provide you the much needed guidance to start and complete your book in 30 days so you can begin to reap the benefits and fulfillment that comes with self-publishing. I’ll do my part within the promised timeframe. My hope is that you won’t let me down.

Immediately your payment is made, you will be redirected to a simple form to fill in your name and email, after which your onboarding mail will immediately arrive in your inbox.  Please look out for this mail. It will be from ‘Amba’.

Since my program offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods I do not provide refunds after the product is purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product from me. Please make sure that you’ve carefully gone through the product description before making a purchase.

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this refund policy, we encourage you to contact me using this details: info@idarenotdread.com