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A founding member (or founder), is a part of the first group of people who shape and build a community from its early stage. As a founder, you’ll get first hand experience with creating something that will be much bigger, develop the program into something that truly delivers on it’s promise, and position yourself to help others.

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access to success kit

Conveniently access training content and resources that will help you gain clarity on your knowledge products (books, digital courses, online classes, etc.), establish authority, profit from your finished work and succeed as a coach, course creator or online consultant.

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Connect with other online entrepreneurs and coaches, build partnership, support one another, brainstorm on challenges, get help, support AND feedback where needed, and never have to walk alone.

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Join us to be part of the support system we have built to equip you with all you need to execute on your projects, and hold you accountable so you can achieve the results you desire.

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Master the skillset that will enable you to expand your reach, help more people, increase your audiences and clientele, excel in your area of expertise, and multiply your income.

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– On demand access to value packed courses and challenges to help you self-publish your books, launch your digital courses and build your audience lists…

– Access to recorded sessions, resources and templates to enable you easily and quickly create, market and profit from your digital products…

– Monthly LIVE Group Sessions and Q & As with industry experts…

– Exclusive community and camaraderie with like-minded entrepreneurs offering feedback, tailored critiques and deep dives…

– Member discounts on extra courses, products or workshops that will come up in the future… 

– Networking, partnership opportunities and building of relationships.

Now $79 $39/per month (cancel anytime)

I'm amba!

Let me quickly paint a picture of what the market out there looks like today for most coaches…

There’s so much going on… Competition is FIERCE! Coaches are training and recruiting coaches daily; multiple Facebook Groups are created by the minute; ads pop on our feeds at the slightest thought of something you need; look! a new email just dropped from someone you don’t recall subscribing to… and I could go on and on.

You’re so passionate about what you do. But most times it feels like no matter how hard you try to be heard, no one seems to be listening… This hurts 🙁 

Now here’s why you may be facing this… 

You skipped a fundamental path to being HEARD, REGARDED and PAID.

And that is… 

The authority path

This is a tested and proven system I have implemented for over 3 years with 400+ Coaches from across the globe. The system has successfully helping coaches to move from ‘UNKNOWN’ to ‘KNOWN’, become recognized for their work, and attract opportunities with ease.

 At Authority Circle(our membership) the authority path is followed step-by-step system, in a simplified manner so that anyone techy or non-techy can easily and quickly master and adopt…

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Author in 30 Days Challenge

As a founding member of Authority Circle, you’ll access my full course on how to self-publish your book on Amazon in just 30 Days. This comes along with a personal daily schedule to follow, detailed step-by-step videos showing you what to do, including timelines and milestones to be achieved.  

Real value: $1,997

Digital Course Creation for Beginners

You’ll gain access to my value packed online course which breaks down the process of online course creation for total beginners, with ‘plug and play’ templates for quick wins…

Real value: ($1,497)

List Building and Email marketing Trainings

You’ll also access masterclasses on how to set up automated funnels and systems that will enable you attract leads easily and consistently, and of course how to nurture and market to them using emails.  

Real value: ($997)

Group Coaching and Accountability

Access group coaching, support and accountability, and be held accountable to execute your projects.

Real value: ($497)


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