How to get STARTED if you have
NO list, NO Website, NO Audience and NO Offer

A 5-Part Letter Series to You


Hi there! Can you tell how excited I am to begin this letter series with you? 

So, a few days back I asked my husband what he would do if he had no list, no website, no audience and no offers. 

And this was his straight forward response… “JUST GET STARTED.”

True! But as simple as that sounds, it’s also so complex. Urghh!

Getting started online can be quite daunting if you have no one to guide you;

…or show you what to do, and also, what NOT to do;

Social media can mess up your mind if you set up a page now, and after 3 months, 46 people follow you…

Or you put out some dancing and pointing videos hoping they would go viral, but they don’t…

You just want to avoid such roller coaster disasters.

BUT… if you decide to actually follow a step by step process shared by someone who has been around for a while, to know what can help you and what may not, as well can steer you in the right direction so you’d avoid lots of mistakes, it may not take you too long to actually start, build momentum and see results.

And that’s why I created this series.

In it, I have detailed step by step what I would do if I were you right now, eager, willing and ready to learn how to get started with NO list, NO Audience, NO website and NO offers.

NOTE: What you’ll learn in this series is as a benefit of hindsight. 

You would notice me use the phrase ‘I would’ a lot, as this is actually what I would do if I were you at this starting point. 

Also note that I do not make any guarantees whatsoever. 

I’m just here to offer you some experienced advice and to help you move from not having started to actually starting your online business or empire (if you wish to call it so).

Now, since we have this introduction out of the way, I can’t wait to get right into the real meat of this letter series!

Please read my 2nd letter to proceed…

Talk soon 😉



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