Online Course Creation & Automation

This course will show you STEP BY STEP, how to create your own profitable online course on AUTO-PILOT so that you can reduce the stress of manual work, and achieve more with less. 

Does this sound like you?

Your online classes/courses currently hold on chat groups (e.g. Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.) and its really stressful repeating these classes and notes over and over again

You are overwhelmed by tech. Other Coaches make it so complicated and no one is revealing practical step by step guidance on what to do

You run other businesses, but this training business takes more of your time, making you neglect other core responsibilities

You would like to upgrade to a more structured online training method, but you are afraid that if you change things you may lose students

People keep re-sharing and reselling your course content (lessons, videos, etc.) and you can't seem to stop them

You do 100% of the work manually - adding to the classes, sending them the training videos and shuttling between numerous groups to answer questions.

You are not making as much money as you would like, because you can only manage X amount of students per class at a time. This is limiting.

Your training business automatically stops when are unavailable. It is unable to function without you. This is not sustainable.

What you need is an
AUTOMATED Online Course

…and this is the course for you!

Meet your Coach...

Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye of iDare.NotDread

– Hello! I’m Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye, Digital Strategist, Author and Founder, iDare.NotDread

– 6+ years of experience in digital consulting and capacity building for SMEs (clients include German Development Agency (GIZ) and UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)

– Master Trainer, Konverge for GOOGLE Digital Skills for Africa

– Sold numerous courses to thousands on autopilot since 2017, with consistent earnings in 7 figures.  

– Coached 350+ business owners to become Authors and establish authority in their niche

– Leading Ladies Africa’s 100 most inspiring Women in Nigeria, 2020.

What if I told you that you can triple the sale of your courses online, reach more people and earn much more, with little or no manual involvement!

This is made possible by AUTOMATION.

Dear Coach, 

I understand how stressful it is having to cater to your students individually or by creating lots of groups, handling payments manually, posting training notes and videos to be downloaded multiple times by students, and sometimes watching same training content you invested so much in, being re-shared or re-sold by others at ridiculous prices.



You’re almost tempted to STOP selling courses online!!!


…BUT when you remember the people out there who genuinely need the knowledge you have, you keep going, knowing you’re doing this for them…

Now the stress is taking a toll on you…

You’re overwhelmed with tons of work do do at each training… 

You lose sleep…

You barely have time for your core business or other responsibilities… 

You desire an evergreen system for this ‘teaching business’ – one that would run on AUTO-PILOT, and help you achieve more with less work.


For direct bank transfers, please send payment to Feralph & More Ltd, 2041155569 Firstbank, and email your payment evidence to info@idarenotdread.com with name of the course paid for so we can confirm and grant you access

I'll show you my 'behind the scene' process, so you can understand how I've been able to automate my online training business for the last 4 years, such that I am able to sell over 20 courses at the same time, and earn round the clock while I do other stuff with my time!

You will discover deep insights into how I...

Automate Course Enrollments

I will show you how your students can automatically enroll and access your courses online by themselves the first time, and even repeatedly. You will also be able to view how they are progressing with your course, and manage their access from the backend if you so wish.

Automate Communication

I will demonstrate to you how I automate communications in such a way that students receive instructions for each step they need to take without my manual involvement. You will also learn how I automatically set up emails and forms to fill during the enrollment process

Automate access to Support

You will discover how to structure your process automatically to include how students access support. You will see how I do mine, and understand how I am able to manage different support holistically across all my online courses and programs.

I'll also share some hidden hacks and insights I've discovered while doing this for the past 4 years!

At the end of this
Course Creation & Automation Training
you should be able to...

Sell your courses on autopilot, with less stress, and earn even while you sleep

Protect your course content from plagiarism and eliminate re-sharing or reselling

Enroll thousands of people and deliver training round the clock even if you are on holiday in Hawaii

Work smarter, and free up more time to attend to other responsibilities and take care of yourself

Expand your online course business with ease and even sell to foreigners

Run a well sustainable online business with a system that keeps running without you being physically present

For direct bank transfers, please send payment to Feralph & More Ltd, 2041155569, Firstbank, and email your payment evidence to info@idarenotdread.com with name of the course paid for so we can confirm and grant you access

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Frequently asked questions

Don’t worry. I have broken things down so easily like ABC. All you have to do is do as I do, and set up your own automated courses online.

After you pay, you will receive access link to the course in your mail instantly.

Yes you can. I created 2 special modules to help you get started with creating your own automated online courses. This course is also the best place to start.

Yes and No.

I tabled out the options for you in this course – FREE and paid and how any of them can serve you. The choice will be left to you to decide. 

We have set up a Facebook group for support. All students who get this training are advised to join. In it, you can ask questions and get answers if you get stuck.

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"Tech should make your life much easier and not more difficult..."