Hey, do you struggle with charging your worth and sticking to it?

You see, weeks back I sent an invoice to a client. One that shook my fingers a bit. Was it outrageous? I don’t think so. It was just a couple of zeros that I felt we deserved for the amount of work we were to put into this job.

The client tried to haggle. He called for another meeting to discuss it, went back and forth on the cost, but I stood my ground. In fact, I took time to detail the immense value we would be offering, the amount of time we would put in and a safety net to guarantee him his money back if we didn’t deliver.

Well, when the client saw we weren’t bulging, he gave up on the offer and decided to look for another option.

Was I unhappy?

Yes, because I lost money I never got (Lol), and No because for the first time I felt so good with myself for deciding to be paid my worth and standing by it.

Could the client afford it?

I believe he could…but that shouldn’t be my concern. What matters is that I requested payment for commensurate value and if the other party didn’t value what I was putting down enough, then he clearly wasn’t my customer in the first place. Perhaps in the future, but not now.

And I’m fine with it. We all need to be fine with people not paying us what we think we are worth. But more so, we need to be fine with taking a walk when that happens…because our value is immeasurable but money is. I mean, how would you measure knowledge built over time.

Or time invested in building a skill.

Or Money spent to perfect that skill.

Or sacrifices made along the way to building that expertise.

Or mistakes already made that you can avoid others from making.

How much money could one equate these to?

I have learnt to quantify my value. You should too. You see, before now, I belittled my skills and expertise, and in some cases, charged less due to PITY. But who asked for my pity? Many still don’t pay no matter how little you drop the fee…and that’s exactly the point…

…That by charging less, you DEVALUE your offer and position your business as one to be pitied in return. And when people pay you, they don’t pay because of the value you are bringing, but because they feel they’re doing you a favour.

That is why you feel unhappy even after being PAID.

This is the wrong exchange. And you should freeing yourself from that corner.

Cheers to charging your worth!

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