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Sometime in 2019, I made an astounding discovery that would change the way I did business online! 

And here’s the background story…

Back in 2013, I launched iDareNotDread. 

It was just after I returned from the United Kingdom having concluded my M.Sc program and was waiting to get a job.

Fast forward to 2014, I got a job offer. 

And I remember that then, I made a decision to keep the iDareNotDread brand as a side hustle (it’s now the main hustle. Lol). 

The job offer was good and I would even go on to have better offers than that very first job. 

And all through this period of moving from one lucrative job to another, I kept the iDareNotDread brand.

Now, with a paid job that paid a fat check at the end of every month, I wasn’t really aggressive about selling on my page.

I just consistently shared value with my audience and as it turns out, they kept reaching out, wanting to work with me. 

When I put out products, they sold quite well…

…and quite frankly there were a couple of times (especially those times when the pressures of work was much), that I contemplated leaving the paid job to focus exclusively on the iDareNotDread brand. 

But trust me, if you’ve been there, you know how hard it is to leave a job. Especially one that pays you a fat check at the end of every month!

Fast forward to 2019 and the inevitable happened!…

My boss called me into his office and told me my services were no longer needed!


My good paying job that gave me the security of a fat pay check at the end of every month just ended like that. 

No warning ⚠ … Nothing!!! 

Thankfully, I had the iDareNotDread brand to fall back on.

Now this is where it gets interesting…

At some point, I needed money to pay some bills and I got very aggressive on my social media handles. 

I was pushing products like crazy… Buy this, buy that. Do it now or else blablabla!”

Well, let’s just say the sales didn’t come in as I expected. 

And then I sat down to ask myself, what could be the problem? Why are the sales not as impressive as they used to be?

And I remember the light bulb 💡 going up in my head, when during one of the moments of pouring out my frustration at the turn of things, my husband said… 

“…You need to go back to the days of you sharing value on your page and not always trying to SELL SELL SELL!”

He asked me to compare the results of when I used to give a lot of value and subtly made my offers compared to suddenly selling aggressively. 

And then, in that moment I understood exactly what the message below meant…


You see, as an entrepreneur or someone who does business online, you may have been told that you always have to be ‘SELLING’ – and that’s true! But the question is HOW?

If all you ever do online is just to be aggressively pushing products or your service down people’s throat, it won’t take long before they start to resent you and your business. 

On the flip side however, when you help people solve their problems and reach their goals, you earn their trust and they reward you with their money by buying from you again and again. 


Push product so aggressively that people start to resent you and your business 


Earn their trust by helping them solve their problems and reach their goal, which in turn leads to them buying from you again and again?

It’s a no brainer; I would go with the second option!

And how would you get that to happen? The answer is simple – 


The emphasis is on VALUABLE!!! 

VALUABLE content is what wins customers and turns them into repeat buyers who are loyal to your business.

I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with the likes of Google and thousands of people who have trusted me well enough to give me their money in exchange for my products and services. 

And a very good chunk of these people are repeat buyers who buy from me again and again.

I say this not to brag, but to show you what’s possible when you put a lot of value out there that helps people solve their problems and reach their goals.

So, whether you are just getting started or want to take your business to the next level, creating valuable content is key to getting people to buy from you again and again…

…BUT only if you know the RIGHT way to do it. 

I get lots of messages from people asking…

“Ok Amba, I get it…! I know I have to create content to build my business. But how do I come up with content ideas?

How do I stand out with my content? I feel like my content gets lost in a sea of other people’s stuff because it all looks the same.”

“Doing this whole content marketing thing takes a lot of my time. How can I create content faster and easier.”

“Do I just keep creating content? At what point do I sell to my audience?

“Your content is always engaging – How do you do it?”

And the questions go on and on…

To be very honest, these are very valid concerns. Because think about it…

1. Your audience can’t get to know, like and trust you if they are not interested in what you put out.


2. The problem is not that they are not seeing your content; they just are not engaging because it’s outright boring and looks just like the rest. 


3. You don’t want to spend all of your time creating content and neglecting the running of the actual business. This defeats the whole purpose.


4. And yes, I understand the concerns of when to sell to your audience (because you have to sell)! It’s all about how you combine content creation and selling.

This is why I have put together THE CONTENT POWER PACK to help you address these concerns and more. 
It is a Bundle of Tools, Templates & Resources you need to create content that easily converts, and attracts more clients and sales to your business.

Here's what's included in the Content Power Pack...

1. The Content Hacking Bootcamp

Regular price: N15,500

Creating content doesn’t have to be so hard or make you want to pull your hair out. In the Content Hacking Bootcamp (pre-recorded), I expose you to my framework – RAMP+S (Research, Audience, Message, Promotion and Scale), which offers some major HACKS, SECRETS and IDEAS that will totally transform the way you source, create and market content online. If you follow these hacks, you will find yourself ‘selling less’ and ‘attracting more buyers effortlessly’.

Video class tutorials (3)

2. Content Pillar Matrix Template

Regular price: N5,500

This Template is phenomenal. With it, I show you how to easily come up with months worth of content in about very little time. My students put this template/matrix to use and testified of its wonder! I will share with you the secret behind it and how you can adopt it to your niche with ease. Once you use it you know you’re never going back to those days of no content.

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3. The Content Idea Goldmine Worksheet

Regular price: N4,500

Use this worksheet to dig deep into the mind of your ideal customers, so much that they feel understood. The Worksheet is embedded with content ideas and questions that help voice your audience thoughts and concerns. In it, we have divided your content sources into 5 key areas, and if you follow them accurately, you will never run out of content for your audience.

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4. Carousel Template Bundle including Over 150 Transparent Photos

Regular price: N12,500

Use this bundle to save yourself the long wee hours spent designing carousels posts for your content marketing. In this bundle, you get access to OVER 30 CAROUSEL TEMPLATES ALREADY DESIGNED FOR YOU + A FOLDER OF PHOTOS TO USE FREELY! All you need to do is download the templates and edit text to convey your message/content with ease. I also recorded a full 1 hour 39 minutes training, showing you how to design carousels yourself and of course how to edit and use the templates. 

Carousels by idarenotdread

5. Carousel Content Ideas Playbook

Regular price: N4,500

How would you love to see how big brands use carousels to amplify their content? This Playbook displays exactly that. It offers a visual display of how different brands use simple, yet appealing Carousels to engage their audiences and draw clients effortlessly. It is a book of random, creative ideas that I believe will stir your creative juice to design appealing and engaging content designs that your audience will love. Download and enjoy!!!


6. Content Secrets Exposed!!! [Training]

Regular price: N5,000

Have you wondered how most professionals you know in the digital space do this content thing effortlessly? Well, this training video, exposes 5 SECRETS most professionals you admire aren’t sharing on how they are able to consistently create unlimited content across their social platforms even while they sleep

7. Instagram Page Audit Checklist

Regular price: N6,000

As you improve your content game on social media, particularly Instagram, it’s important to keep your page in order. This Instagram Page Audit Checklist will help you achieve just that. It is a 5 page self-help checklist that presents you the right questions about your page, and offers suggestions on how to improve and maximize the platform to attract clients easily.


BUT Today, you get to unlock the CONTENT POWER PACK -

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For Direct Bank Transfer, please pay N12,500 to FirstBank, Feralph & More Ltd, 3118988082 and email your payment evidence to info@idarenotdread.com with name of course paid for, so we can confirm and grant you access.

All the individual products in the CONTENT POWER PACK have been tried, tested, refined – and most importantly, proven to work

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OFFER: N52,500 N12,500

(you save N40,000).

Take advantage of the N12,500 OFFER today before it disappears!

For Direct Bank Transfer, please pay N12,500 to FirstBank, Feralph & More Ltd, 3118988082 and email your payment evidence to info@idarenotdread.com with name of course paid for, so we can confirm and grant you access.

Meet Amba

Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye is the Lead Digital Strategist at iDare.NotDread, a platform that builds online communities and empowers people with digital skills for business growth. 

At the core, Amba helps transform people’s lives by teaching them how to use their knowledge and expertise to solve problems for others and generate additional income using digital tools and platforms. Her work has gained her recognition on platforms such as Leading Ladies Africa’s 100 MOST INSPIRING LADIES IN AFRICA, She Leads Africa, Guardian, and Lionesses of Africa to name a few.

For 2021, Amba is on a mission to train 5,000+ entrepreneurs with digital skills, to boost their representation online and consistently attract paying clients to their products and offers.


If you would like to make enquiries, please send a direct message on Instagram @idarenotdread or email info@idarenotdread.com

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