Create income online with digital products

There are many ways to create income online, and Forbes shares 12 ways, but my favourite will always be by solving problems for many using digital products (intangible products sold via the internet).

Hi there, my name is Amba, and for the past 7 years, I have generated multiples of 7 digits in income from helping coaches and expert grow and scale their businesses online.

These worked for me as a result of the ability to transform my skill and expertise into offers or products that solve problems for hundreds and thousands of people online. The best part, I would create a product once and sell it over and over again.

Now, many of us have followed this path and can identify with the immense opportunities, value and income this brings, but for many others, they struggle. For instance, they create a product based on what they think their audience needs, and when they put it out for sale… crickets!


Well, maybe their mum, or best friend or colleague. But that’s it. A few sales here and there, and then they get frustrated thinking no one needs their product.

In actual fact, the problem may not be the product but the approach!

In the video below, I demonstrate 5 strategic steps you should follow to create or grow your income online using digital products.


What do you think?

Have you been following the wrong approach?

Do you see that you shouldn’t create products without identifying a problem your audience is dealing with?

Or that when you boost ads to promote your digital product, they should be targeted mostly to people who already know you and have engaged with your content before?

I’ll be waiting in the comments section. Feel free to ask questions or just tell me if you found this post useful…