How would you like to go from unknown, to a Highly Paid, Sought-After AUTHOR

...in just 60 days

My Coaching Program will help you achieve this, even if you have ZERO Audience, ZERO Experience or ZERO Idea on where or how to begin...

Hullo, i'm amba

And since 2019 I have been able to help over 400 people like you become AUTHORS, establish themselves as AUTHORITIES in their niche, and attract HIGH PAYING CLIENTS, simply because they launched books online.

So, You may be asking...

How is it possible to go from unknown to a highly sought-after AUTHOR in just 60 days…

– Building Authority in your sector or niche

– Rising Above the Competition…

– Charging Premium Rates for your services…

– Attracting Premium Clients

– Gaining Exposure and Recognition for your knowledge…

– Being paid to speak at events and conferences and… 

– Earning 5 to 7 figures on autopilot Consistently while you spend time with family, travel and do other stuff you love?

Well, the answer is in one simple, SECRET strategy – 




Unbelievable right? 

Truth is, I wouldn’t be here telling you this, if I hadn’t tested it (with myself and others)since 2019, and seen it work over and over again!

This is no gimmick or unrealistic script I’m rehearsing. It is the reality of people who just like you, made a decision to launch their books, and in one swift turn, started gaining recognition in their niche, attracted their ideal audience, built substantial income and saw their lives transform completely.


Here are some…

"I did not see all these doors that have opened before I wrote my book."

ELe Amodu
WhatsApp Image 2020-01-17 at 13.59.35
Here's Ele gaining media attention after launching her book. Here she spoke about her eBook (launched in October, 2019) written to help young women heal from emotional pain and find purpose in life.

"I was able to sell 165 copies of my book to Chairman, Adron Homes."


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So, what does the private coaching entail?

It’s simple!

– Once you signup, you commit to spending 60 days with me to be trained, supported and closely supervised to launch your eBook

– You will be given your EXCLUSIVE action plan with step-by-step process to follow and milestones to achieve.

– We will meet ONCE a week (via Zoom) to discuss your progress, and assess what has been achieved.

– You will be granted full access to my practical training videos and materials, teaching you each step spelt out on the action plan (yes, I’ll inform you on what to do, and teach you how to do it).

You will be taught how to create and launch your eBook online, publish it on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback), Setup your landing/payment page, market it and earn substantial income from it.

– You will have access to eBook community where you can meet and network with other authors I’ve coached, who are ever ready and willing to share their experiences, and cheer you to completion.


Peep some of the Books we've published...

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It entails the following:

  • Weekly 1 hour One on one calls for 8 weeks (exclusive)
  • Close supervision and follow up
  • Access to the Authors Community
  • Brainstorming and selection of a marketable eBook topic 
  • Training on how to plan, structure, design and outline your eBook
  • How to come up with your eBook chapters
  • How to conduct your research
  • How to include links and other assets in your eBook
  • How to create your eBook mockup
  • How to set up an opt-in page with Mailchimp to receive emails and build a list
  • How to set up your eBook funnel and receive payments automatically
  • How to publish your eBook on Amazon
  • How to position your brand and market to attract a ‘hungry’ market for your eBook
  • How to turn your eBook into an offer
  • And much more…

Have ready a laptop, phone and internet data. 

As for the writing process I strongly encourage you to use a laptop rather than a phone, as its easier to type your eBook content with this as well as maintain a standard book layout.

This is not a problem. Infact, I’ve had lots of people who started without a topic in mind. I’ll help you decide. And if you would like to get others’ take on it, the community of Authors are ever ready to rub minds to help you figure out your ideal topic.

Partially. As a coach, my work won’t be to develop your content, or write for you, as you are the expert of your topic. However, I’ll be available to supervise you to ensure you’re on the right path.  You will be provided with the information and guidance you need in terms of structure, layout, publishing, marketing, etc., but research and written content is entirely up to you.

Yes. You will learn how to set up a proper eBook funnel (using any choice platform e.g. Clickfunnels, Kajabi, etc), and receive payments automatically.

Yes. You will learn how to publish for Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.

All recorded trainings and learning materials are hosted at my online school on Teachable, of which you will be granted access to.  We will meet weekly on Zoom (privately), and as for day to day group interaction with other authors, we use the WhatsApp messaging app. 

No. I do not help with sales. However, I’ll provide you with the relevant information you need to promote and market your eBook effectively.

I can assure you of the support you need to get this project done in the stipulated time, but the commitment and willingness to do it is entirely up to you. 

I’ll try my best to challenge you, and provide you the much needed guidance to take you to the point of completion, so that you can reap the benefits and fulfillment that comes with launching. My hope is that you won’t let me down.

The charge is $2,500 (excludes all 3rd party costs)

After your payment is made, I will send you an email to schedule our first meeting (onboarding) where I’ll help map out your strengths, knowledge and areas of expertise. Thereafter,  you’ll be given a schedule to follow, with detailed training showing you how to deliver on each step or milestone followed with my close supervision coaching and support,

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