On my Instagram page earlier today, I promised to teach on how to market your digital products. So here goes!

First off, let’s get an explanation of what a digital product is. It is simply an intangible product that can be sold and distributed repeatedly online. A few examples include online courses, eBooks, podcasts, webinars, online consulting or coaching packages, downloadable tutorials, templates, etc. They are easy to manage, spend fewer resources, are super easy to create if you get a hang of it, and can be marketed and sold over and over again.

Creating digital products require you to spend a good amount of your time online and with a good computer to create good digital products for sale.

So, you finally created a digital product. Then what?

I’ll tell you!

That product needs to be sold. And that means you have to market it. And that means people have to want it. And that means you have to let them know why they need it. And that means you have to be someone they know, like, trust and listen to. Then they will buy it because you created it and they trust that you will offer value in it, and then they will tell their friends to buy it too.

If the paragraph above doesn’t sum it, I wonder what does. But let me take it slowly…again.

How to market your digital product(s)

1. Position yourself as an ‘AUTHORity’ to your audience on a subject matter or on what you believe in.

Members of my eBook community hear me resound this over and over! It is one of the first things you need to do or start doing. How do you do this?

  • Define who you are as a brand and how you wish to present yourself to your audience/the market.
  • Identify what you want to be known for?
  • Find your voice. If you have one, USE IT! Let it be heard. Become a voice that people want to listen to.
  • Build a reputation that offers value so much that whatever you produce would be sought after by the audience who know, like and trust you.
  • Be consistent.

Now, let’s reflect…

Think about a No. 1 best selling book or Author you know. Take a minute…

Now think about how his/her book became a best seller on Amazon …

Did it become a bestseller because Amazon sold it? Or because people went in search of it to buy it. 

That’s the point. Amazon doesn’t create bestsellers. The Authors do their work, and pave the way for their books which become sought after all over the world. 

Permit me to say this… If no one knows you, your book may just keep eating dust. So, think about how you want to prepare yourself ahead of your book to pave the way for its distribution, sales and of course, bestselling status! I’m not just talking to you, but also to self!

Now, I have to stop here, as I hate to create very lengthy content. Just watch out for a continuation of this post in Part 2!

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