The Specific Steps You Need To Follow To Create A Premium Offer And Sign-on Ready-To-Buy High Ticket Clients [without the 'theatrics'...]

From: Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye
Digital Strategist, Business Coach & Author @idarenotdread

Dear Coach/Expert,

I’m so thrilled and excited to write you this letter!¬†ūüéČ

It has taken me over 7 years of business coaching on the online space, to understand, master and embody what I’m about to show you.¬†

And I know you’ll get immense value and actionable steps you can implement right away!

In¬†this letter, I’ll be handing you my no-fluff 5-STEP BLUEPRINT for creating and selling premium offers easily.

It’s the same blueprint I used to¬†successfully pivot from selling low priced offers to premium offers.

And I teach my clients same, enabling them scale to $10k+ months easily even as newbie coaches and consultants…

Today you’ll have this blueprint mapped out for you in black and white…

[Long read, but absolutely worth it!]

Now let’s get right in without delay…

STEP 1 : Make the right mindset shifts before you sell premium

A few weeks back I ran a quick poll on my¬†Instagram broadcast channel¬†created for coaches and consultants…

I asked… “What comes to mind when you think about selling high ticket…”

And then I provided 5 responses. 

Out of 34 respondents these were the results:

– 18 people selected “In this economy? Will they pay?”

– 6 people selected “It brought me my best clients.”

– 5 people selected “it’s harder to sell than low ticket.”

3 people selected “income will be too slow.”

2 people selected “it’s easier to sell than low ticket.”

These results did not surprise me…¬†

And here’s why…

That first response about the status of the economy, was my mindset before I pivoted to selling premium.

You see, from 2016 to 2021, all I sold were low priced offers. 

In fact, my highest offer – an online course on ‘how to create online courses’ was¬†$50.

This was my price cap.

Not because I couldn’t raise my prices, but because I was certain that my audience could not afford to pay higher.

[To think I didn’t even try… Lol!]

And you want to know what was worse?

I would still offer lots of discounts…¬†

I would hold webinars often and make one-time offers for attendees to buy the course at half the price ($25).

[…Using urgency, offering lots of bonuses, etc.]

And at the end, I still wouldn’t make up to 10 sales.

The next week I would do another webinar and repeat the pattern.

It was cringe-worthy!

And ugh! I can’t forget the time I offered to coach people at $1 per day!

[Who does that? Lol!] 

I still cringe whenever I think of all the things I tried to do to sell low priced offers, even with my wealth of knowledge and experience in business and coaching.

Things took a new turn December, 2021, when my husband and I moved to Dubai. 

Our eyes opened!

There were bills coming in from every side – left, right, center!

Not that we didn’t have bills back in Abuja, Nigeria, where we previously lived…

But the cost of living kept increasing, because of the daily increase in exchange rates (Dirhams vs Naira), even while I was still earning in Naira. 

So, whatever income I was earning from my existing clients online (buyers of my low ticket offers), was literally non-existent after being exchanged with Dubai currency.

It didn’t make sense!¬†And I knew I couldn’t continue this way.

By June 2021, I shoved all my low priced offers aside.

I was done!!!

I couldn’t afford to play little anymore.¬†

I couldn’t keep charging my existing clients in Naira, when I was spending in Dirhams.

I knew I had to level up and it would begin with my mindset.

So I got to work and started searching out every information I could find about:

– How premium buyers think…

– What makes them buy?

– What do they want more than anything…

– How do I attract them…

– How do I ‘replace’ my audience?

– How do I completely revamp my business?

– How do I make more money without doing double the work!

In finding answers, my mindset about money and premium clients began to shift!

And I gradually came to this realization:




Selling premium wasn’t about finding a¬†‘Kim Kardashian’ client who owns or can afford a private jet, or spends vacations cruising on luxury yachts;

It was (and is) about¬†selling a high stake solution to someone who has a high stake problem, and would willingly do whatever it takes to have that problem solved…

[Even if it means paying higher than they can afford!]

So, technically, you shouldn’t aim to attract ‘premium clients –¬†even though it seems convenient to call it so.

You should aim to attract CLIENTS WHO PAY PREMIUM!

[I made an Instagram post about it here…]¬†

Now, if you adopt same mindset, you’ll understand that:

– The clients who will pay you premium are in your audience right now…

– They’re paying premium for other things they want or need 

[Flying business class, paying for the best schools for their kids, buying expensive jewelry, stocking their wardrobes with designer bags and shoes, etc.]

These people will pay you premium for your coaching offer if you do and say the right things to influence the buying decision.

They will pay you because they understand that not solving their problem now (with the transformational solution you provide) will cost them much more.

[It will negatively impact their life, or health, or peace, or relationship, or business, or whatever means the most to them at that point.] 

Their challenge poses a bigger weight than even the ‘economy’ and they will pay you whatever you charge to help them.

This is the primary mindset to have if you want to sell premium offers as a coach.



A few other mindset shifts you must make:

– Understanding that some clients only go for the best. And the best for them means the higher price.

[This is because they equate value with price, and prefer to be ‘segregated’ from the mass market. Reason we have business class vs economy; VIP lounge vs regular, luxury vs high street brands, etc.]

– Selling either low priced offers or premium offers require the same amount of efforts (or even less with the latter).

[Think about it. You will show up on social media the same amount of times, serve clients weekly, actively sell your offers, run ads, etc. So, why not channel that same energy into earning more?]

– Your best clients will be the ones who pay more!

[No jokes! People who pay premium behave differently. They show up and do the work without expecting to be spoon-fed; respect boundaries, pay on time, etc.]

– You will achieve more by doing far less!

[Yes! You will earn more money serving fewer clients, achieve bigger results with simpler systems, earn higher ROIs on ad spend, etc.]
Now let’s move to the next step you need to follow to create a premium offer and sign-on ready clients even as a new coach.

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