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The Specific Steps You Need To Follow To Create A Premium Offer And Sign-on Ready-To-Buy High Ticket Clients [without the 'theatrics'...]

From: Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye
Digital Strategist, Business Coach & Author @idarenotdread

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STEP 2: Solve a BIG problem with a BIG solution.

If you follow me on Instagram you would hear me talk a lot about solving high stake problems.

This is where you should position if you want to easily sell premium.

You see, with low ticket, you may get away with selling information products…

– A $29 eBook

– A $49 template

– A $79 mini-course, etc.

But when it comes to selling premium, you have to be ready to go all in with clients to solve BIG transformational problems.

That’s because the solution they need goes beyond them reading an eBook, watching a 3 hour long video or downloading a bundle of templates and checklists.

They need a full surgery and NOT a band aid. 

Most coaches miss this.

[The client's wants a full 'surgery', but he is being offered a band-aid. He stomps away!]

Now, here’s the thing…

Other coaches in your industry or niche may choose to offer ‘band aid’ solutions (i.e. quick fixes or information products) to their clients instead of a full surgery (a complete transformational solution).

These quick fixes (information products) are common, easier to sell, and seem to be the most common way to earn income online as a coach.

But seeing others run their coaching business this way doesn’t mean you have to.

What if you chose to go the whole 9 yards with your clients instead?

What if when clients came to you asking for more information products, you offered to take them on a full transformational journey instead?

Don’t forget, you are the expert. 

You know what’s best for them and they trust your discretion to give them what’s best for them.

But imagine giving them an eBook to read when you know it would only ease their pain, but may not fully transform their life or situation.

Ever wondered why most of them never read your eBook or act on the information you provided in it? 

Ever wondered why majority haven’t sent in a review till date?

Ever wondered why they still haven’t completed your mini-course?

Or why they seem to be hoping from coach to coach searching for more answers, and piling up more eBooks and courses, yet their lives or business or relationships remain the same?


Here’s my unpopular opinion:

We coaches have been quite unfair to the exact people we claim to help.


We keep teasing them with quick resources here and there, further prolonging their pain…

When all we needed to offer them upfront was the FULL SURGERY.

They trust us to help them, yet we offer ‘little’ helps. 

Now you may say… 

“But Amba, some of them cannot afford to pay for the ‘full surgery’?”

Well, that’s what you think.

But did you offer the full surgery upfront and clearly demonstrate its value to them?

Did you demonstrate how the ‘full surgery’ costs less than the dire consequences of not solving their problem as soon as possible?

Probably not.

Instead, you may have been taught to pitch your eBook first so you can ‘wet their appetite’…

Then add them to your mailing list or Facebook group and nurture them up your value ladder with the next offer, and the next offer, until they’re pitched the full transformational offer. 

Are we still doing business this way?

Why should anyone in severe pain be made to wait that long for the actual help they need?

[Especially if you can give them the full solution right now].

Have you also considered how many premium clients you may have unknowingly chased away just because they couldn’t wait to climb up your value ladder?

[They probably just went over to the next coach and paid her more because she understands how this works].


Listen, your responsibility as a coach is to offer your clients what’s best for them upfront – a holistic transformation.

That’s why they came to you.

You are the EXPERT.

They trust you to lead and coach them to make the right decisions.

Now, if they cannot afford your premium price, you have 2 options:

– Keep selling them what they can afford – low priced offers and smaller solutions only OR…

– Identify and go after a ‘hungry’ audience niche – people who are encountering this problem in a BIG way, and will do whatever it takes to solve it.

[Even if it means paying more than they typically would].

These people understand the consequence of not solving that problem now, and they’re the best clients to go for because they will pay you your premium rate and do the work to achieve results.

[Some coaches combine both premium and low priced models. But there’s a system to it. And I advise you get a full grasp of how premium selling works before you mix both).


Now, let me share an experience with one of my private coaching clients…

We’ll call her Client A.

Client A was a proofreading editor before she signed up to work with me.

She was finding it difficult to attract high paying clients or even earn substantial income with this skill.

When we kicked off our 3 months coaching, the first thing I told her was…

“Sorry A, we’ll have to upgrade your offer from proofreading and editing to something people will be willing to pay more for.”

She was at first uncomfortable about it, because she loved editing and proofreading other people’s written work, but I knew it wasn’t a big enough solution to sell at a premium fee. 

And I gave her my reasons:

1). Proofreading isn’t quite a high stake problem that people would pay lots of money for. Unless you decide to maybe proofread an entire library of books or maybe serve academics at scale…

2). Almost anyone can proofread. So you’re in competition with DIY-ers or Freelancers on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, who are doing it for far less money.

3). Everyone knows one AI tool or the other that can proofread for them and even if you think they don’t do a perfect job, most people are okay with the minimum they offer.

She easily resonated with these because she had encountered the same experience with her prospects.

They always undervalued her offer, and some had proceeded to proofread their work themselves, use AI or go to freelancer sites.


Here’s what we did together to upgrade her offer to a BIG solution:

– Having acknowledged that her core skill was writing, we mapped out different high-in-demand skills in the area of writing that she could confidently offer.

– After assessing them all, we settled for a BIG solution she could confidently deliver (converting leads to buyers with Email Marketing)

– Then we identified a BIG problem that this could solve, and for whom (online coaches, consultants and service businesses who were spending enormous budgets on ad spend).


BIG problem + BIG solution for a ‘hungry’ client niche!

Client A pushed this to the market strategically, and in little time she nailed her 1st and 2nd premium clients.

[See our chat screenshots below].

Now, if you’re wondering what she did to attract her first premium clients, I shared in STEP 3 of this blueprint. 

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