Good question! Because it appears so in our current times.

Let me give you a bit more context…

Have you wondered why most of the wealthiest people in the world today are from the ‘before-tech‘ generation?

Some days back, I saw a post on a famous money blog showing the 10 richest women in the world.

Majority, if not all were middle-aged and above.

Don’t get me wrong, I know tech is an amazing enabler!

It has helped quicken things and amplifies efforts.

But how is it that the wealthiest people today are from the generation where tech wasn’t their reality.

This should tell you something!

I get a lot of people who reach out to me about mastering tech.

They feel running their business is corely about setting up the website; creating the funnel; running Facebook ads; doing reels; hacking the algorithm, etc.

And this is where the problem is.

My generation have so amplified tech that nothing else matters outside of it.

How did the older ones run their businesses in an era without tech?

I’ll tell you…

They followed fundamental marketing strategies and principles that outlive any tech razzmatazz, trends, tactics or tricks.

But with the arrival of tech, online marketers evolved and needed to sell their tech platform and tools and this led our generation on a wild chase seeing tech as the ultimate way.

Truly, some deep thinking is needed here. Take some time let this settle in…

Is there something this generation may be missing?

Are there ways we can build sustainable businesses amplified by tech and not CONTROLLED by it?

Think about it and set your business right.

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