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How to Launch Your Own Online Coaching Business As An Experienced Professional, Expert Or Leader

[...without quitting your current profession]

DATE: Thursday, 29th February, TIME: 8:00 pm [WAT]

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You've always wanted to turn your corporate expertise and experience into a highly profitable online coaching business, where you can teach others what you know, impact lives and build your own brand and legacy...

And right now, that desire is pressing on MORE than ever before!

We both agree IT'S ABOUT TIME this dream became your reality...

And I'M READY to help you navigate your online coaching venture by laying out the exact steps you need to follow to get begin and succeed without subjecting yourself to trial and error!

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How to launch a highly lucrative online coaching business that enables you build your own personal brand and business (and not just your boss'), transform lives, build a legacy and still get paid doing the things you absolutely love.

The step-by-step process and strategies you need to follow to successfully launch your own online coaching business, establish a strong online presence, standout and begin attracting paying clients online in as little as 8 weeks.

Easy practical ways to succeed in the online coaching industry, become top 1% and highly sought after in your chosen niche and start attracting the best clients even in very little time.

The strategies to leverage your corporate experience for steady and speedy progression in the coaching space without encountering burnout or overwhelm.

How to get past the noise online and master easy, straight-forward approaches to succeed online as a coach, without being excessively loud, doing the things you're not comfortable doing or compromising your personal values.

This Workshop is specifically for:

- Experienced Corporate Professionals
- Service Experts
- Consultants
- Executives
- Leaders
- Speakers
- Doctors
- Lawyers
- STEM professionals
- Real Estate Experts
- Other service businesses

Your Host


I’m Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye. And my clients call me the Coaches’ Coach 🙂

Well, I guess I’ve earned it, having served hundreds of coaches and experts in the past 8+ years to establish authority in their niches and multiply their income by impacting people with their knowledge and expertise.

I left corporate in 2019 (after 7 years of valuable experience, consulting for business and digital development projects funded by international organizations such as GIZ, DFID, Google, etc.) and fully kickstarted my own online coaching and consulting venture which turned out successful.

Today, my clients hire me as their coach to help them achieve ONE thing!

And it is… To help them launch and scale their coaching businesses and multiply revenue without overwhelm.

Now, if this is what you want, start by signing up for my free workshop to understand how I can help you!

For enquiries, email: info@idarenotdread.com