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Did you get your copy of Amba’s 1st ebook? I mean your copy of my book titled, ‘How to write your first eBook’?

Isn’t it amazing how some decisions you spontaneously take turn out to be one of your best decisions? That’s what happened with this eBook. I had planned to set up a Whatsapp class to teach people how to sell their knowledge and then one day it hit me…Why not write about it and offer it for FREE! I did this, launched in March 2019, and wow! The feedback was amazing!

I didn’t end there. I set up a challenge group, calling up anyone interested in writing an eBook to join! 50 people joined and as I write, over 3 cohorts of the challenge have been completed by a whole league of new Authors!

In all, starting this was a fantastic idea!

How about you? Would you want to try writing an eBook?

Oh don’t tell me you have nothing to write on because you do! We are all assets and there is something we can offer that the world wants. Plus it’s super easy to write an eBook. Infact, you know what, first read my eBook (fill in your details to have it mailed to you), then we can have this discussion when you’re done. Its only 28 pages and an interesting read. I’ll wait. Don’t hesitate to buzz me via mail on

I’ll be happy to hear from you!


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