This New Book Reveals: The Secrets To Having Your Own Profitable Digital Product And Attracting The People Who Will Buy It From You Again And Again...

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Dear Friend,

My name is Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye and I am the founder of iDareNotDread.

Not too long ago (March 2021 precisely), I created a Video Editing Course to help people edit videos easily on their mobile phones.

I priced it at N5, 000 ($12) and as at the time I’m writing this, I have made 8-figures (that’s over N10 million in case you’re wondering) selling that product alone.

And the product continues to sell till this very day.

You have probably seen my ads on your timeline.

Before that, I launched my flagship ‘eBook Launch Program’ to help people become published authors.

That has earned me multiple 7-figures and that program as well, still sells till this very day and has continued to grow a community of authors and digital creators.

Some other products that I have created and that still sells to this very day include:

  • My Content Creation Bundle which helps people create content that attracts a steady stream of buyers.
  • My Meme Marketing Course which shows people how to use memes to triple their online visibility, engagement and sales.

And the list goes on…

On regular months, I earn 7-figures easily and consistently.

I cannot even begin to explain the depth of joy I feel when I wake up to alerts and messages in my DMs informing me that payments have been made.

Nothing beats the sense of freedom that comes from that.

I tell you all of the above not to brag but to let you know why you should listen to what I have to say, especially if…

  • You want to take advantage of the massive opportunities digital products have made available to us right now, but you don’t know where to start or what to do. And you want straight to the point, proven step by step guide on how to do it from somebody that is actually doing it.
  • You already have an amazing digital product everyone should get, but no buyers? You have tried and tried to do all you can yet no one is buying!
  • You want to multiply the sales you are currently getting from your business…

You see, over and over again, messages keep dropping in my DM from people, with money in hand, asking and sometimes practically begging me to show them how I get results.

Amba, how do you do it?

Amba, how do I get started?

Amba, can you please teach me, I am willing to pay!

Amba, do you run ads for people?

Amba, I’d like to hire you to help set everything up from A-Z.

And on and on…

And once you get this much people asking you, coupled with the results I get, then you know you are doing something right. Things a lot of people don’t know.

And in my usual manner, I have decided to give the answers.

And that is why I wrote a 108 paged easy-to-read book that shares everything. 

The book is titled:

 In this book, I show you everything and share the exact secrets that have helped me personally sell 8-figures worth of products online.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in the book…

  • 7 things that may hold you back from having your own profitable digital product that pays you every day, and how to fix them.
  • The #1 BIG SECRET to having your own profitable digital product that pays you every day. Forget what a lot of the ‘gurus’ say, this is the main secret. This is what guarantees that you will wake up to alerts every single day.
  • Step by step guide showing you how to have your own profitable digital product and how to fully automate the whole sales process so you keep earning money even while traveling, spending time with family and doing the things you love.
  • A simple, but proven hack to get people to buy your digital product again and again… I use this all the time and it works like magic.
  • The one fatal error that a lot of people make when they are trying to create a profitable digital product. This error has left a lot of people broke. I share this with you in the book, so you can avoid this error at all cost.
  • Secrets that have helped me personally sell 8-figures worth of digital products online.

Wait! There’s more…

  • EXCLUSIVE: Case-study of how I used the exact same things I shared in this book to create my ‘My Video Editing Course’ that has done 8-figures and is still selling. And also how I automated one of my services and turned it into a product that has now earned me multiple 7-figures. If you deliver any form of service online and you are looking for a way to free up your time, this is an absolute game-changer.
  • A simple but yet overlooked opportunity you can tap into to have your ONE good product without having to go through the stress of creating one from scratch.
  • How to get people to give you money over and over again. No need begging or asking your friends or family members.
  • The simple mistake I made with Facebook ads that cost me a lot of money. This is something I learnt quite late (and sometimes I feel like pinching myself for having made such mistake). I see a lot of people still making same mistake today…

And more…

  • What you need to know about 99% of the people you admire online and offline. And how to use this information to your advantage.
  • One of the biggest mistakes I made in my entrepreneurial journey, until I corrected it in 2021. And the result of correcting that mistake was an amazing 8-figure income. I see a lot of people still make this mistake to this day…
  • How to get your technical tasks done for as low as N2,500. This is going to be one of the best things you can do for yourself…
  • My best kept secrets for doing big numbers. These secrets can be the difference between just making ends meet and making a lot of money.

And lots more…

There are so many proven, money making secrets contained in this book. So much, you’ll be blown away discovering them…

When you get this Book You’ll Also Receive 3 Special Bonuses worth N70,000…

BONUS ONE: One Good Product Audio Book

You get the audiobook version of this book for free! [Record time: 2hrs 22 mins]

This allows you listen to the audio version of the book at your convenience using your phone or computer, whichever one is more convenient for you. 

So, whether you’re commuting in your car or public transport, or doing housework, you can listen to these valuable secrets at your own pace and convenience.

Value: N5,000

BONUS TWO: My Secrets For Running Facebook and Instagram Ads That convert

This here is your chance to see my Facebook ads behind-the-scenes.

You’ll also discover 5 important things I do every time I run Facebook and Instagram ads that guarantee me massive results. 

Value: N25,000

BONUS THREE: Access to an EXCLUSIVE Community & Support Group on Facebook

When you buy the book, you’ll gain FREE access to my exclusive community and support group on Facebook. This is where you’ll get support; ask all your questions, connect with others, share ideas and get help so that you won’t ever feel left alone when you are stuck.

Value: N40,000

All for N4,999 Only!!!

So, Here Is Everything You Are Getting Today For Just N4,999!!! 

MAIN: A Copy of my Book titled – ONE Good Product: Discover The Closely Guarded Secrets To Having Your Own Profitable Product That Pays You Everyday

 BONUS 1: ONE Good Product Audio Book

BONUS 2: My Secrets on Running Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert

 BONUS 3: Exclusive Facebook Community & Support Group

NOTE: Only digital copy of the book is available.

Ordering for this book is simple. 

And you get instant access to everything (the book and bonuses) when you pay via the order page. 

Here’s a chance for you to wake up tomorrow with a proven step by step plan, and the resources you need to take advantage of the massive opportunities digital products have made available to us right now.

An opportunity that has helped regular people with no connections or wealthy parents make a lot of money.

If you leave this page now, you’re going to wake up tomorrow and everything is going to be the same.

You’ll still have the same challenges and frustrations, without any new hope of turning things around.

But when you DO invest in this book and the amazing bonuses that come with it, then tomorrow will be different.

Tomorrow you’ll have a solution.

You’re going to wake up knowing what to do and more importantly, knowing what NOT to do, so you don’t keep doing the wrong things and wasting time.

Not to mention, you’ll have me standing side-by-side with you through the Facebook support group.

So, let’s do it. I’m rooting for you.


Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye

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