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If you’re just getting started on monetizing your knowledge and skill set, or you’re having a tough time understanding the step by step process of running your digital product business effectively, then the 10x Digital Tribe is for you. We are a community of creative, and enterprising digital entrepreneurs willing and ready to help you on your digital journey, hold you accountable and provide the support you need to build a thriving and profitable business online.

Here's what to expect

  • Once subscribed, you will be granted access to Business Toolkit with trainings that will help you gain clarity and validate your offer or product, craft an irresistible offer, learn how to package it and sell to the right people who will pay whatever you charge.
  • We will hold Weekly LIVE Training Sessions  or Q & As in a closed community
  • Regular check-ins on members
  • Collective engagements, and sharing of ideas or feedback
  • Sharing and celebration of progress stories
  • We welcome Guest appearances. This will be sourced in-house and outside
  • We are committed to providing you the support you need, and hold you accountable to acheiving your goal.

Here's how we will support you

Our Tribe is made up of experts in the digital space, willing and ready to walk this journey with you. If you’re struggling or facing challenges, the tribe is open to help you. We have not only set up a Business Toolkit that will build your skills on this journey; we have also set up a community where we can brainstorm with you, give you feedback, cheer you on, celebrate your wins and aim to see you succeed. 

The 10x Digital Tribe is set to build and equip you in four key areas thus:


Because this is where your success is first achieved.


Because this will enable you live the life you desire.


Because these are the people who will feel your impact.


Because this is end goal that must be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 10x Digital is a monthly subscription community where online entrepreneurs can get the support they need to profit immensely from selling their knowledge and expertise online, and live the lives they desire. 

It is a home for digital entrepreneurs to connect, interact, support one another and get the help they need grow their online businesses and achieve their income goals.

  1. Anyone who has a desire to share your knowledge, skills and expertise with the world and earn good income from it but is unable to find the right help to achieve this
  2. Anyone who would like to an opportunity to connect with like minds in the digital space, where your questions can be answered and your ideas brainstormed with others to achieve the best results.
  3. You seek help in creating, scaling and building systems around your digital products that can help you reach lots of people, impact them and earn good income so you can live a life of freedom and do the things you love.
  4. You have a regular 9-5 job but you seek new streams of income to substantially boost your finances monthly!
  5. You seek an online business that is highly profitable, with a system that can help you earn good income even while you sleep, travel, spend time with family and or do the other things you love
  6. You seek a business you can structure effectively online, that will earn you good income consistently, be sustainable, and not require all of your time.

Once you subscribe, you get access to:

1. Our Business Toolkit, which contains trainings on how to create and sell digital products. Its a perfect kit to get started and if you’ve already started it teaches you how to sell it.

2. Access to The 10x Digital Tribe community. This is the CRUX of the Tribe. Trainings will be held weekly covering key issues and challenges members may be dealing with, as well as topics that will improve your brand, team, or processes as a whole. We will also help you brainstorm on your ideas, offer you feedback, celebrate wins with you and spur you to greatness. It is our ultimate desire to see you achieve your goals as a Digi-preneur, stand out, and excel in your niche.

No, we do not allow downloads as this can be easily abused or resold. Rather we allow you to access the trainings and resources for as long as you are subscribed to the tribe.

Subscription costs N10,000 ($25) per month or N100,000 per year (you save N20,000). You can unsubscribe at anytime. Just ensure you do so before the subsequent month as requests for refunds will not be accepted.

No, we have a window period when we accept members monthly. This is usually the first week of the month. If you miss out, you will have to join the next month.

Please send a mail to info@idarenotdread.com and we will respond. You can also send a DM on Instagram @idarenotdread.

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