Enroll Now To Also Discover How To Edit Videos Professionally On Your Phone (Apple or Android), Even If You're A Total Beginner!!!


"Initially I hesitated..."


"I told myself it was a difficult task till I took the course..."


"It's sure more than the money."


"You saved me from paying someone to edit my videos..."

How can I create professional videos easily to promote my business?

“How can I remove parts I don’t need from my videos, add text, images, voice over, slow motion, clone myself, add transitions, etc.?

“I’ve always wanted to have a YouTube Channel, but editing the videos seem so confusing and stressful. Help!!!”

I usually outsource my videos and it’s expensive. How can I edit them myself?” 

“I spend too much time editing on my laptop. How can I edit more quickly and achieve same result using my phone?”

“I’m a total beginner! I have zero knowledge about video editing!

If any of the above is you, then YOU SHOULD take this Video Editing Course

In it you will discover how to edit professional videos fast and easily using your smartphone, to enable you boost your visibility, attract customers and promote your business online. 

YES, all you need is your SMARTPHONE (Apple or Android)

Even if you’re a total beginner, or you have some prior knowledge of video editing, you can take this course! 

In it, I offer TWO LEVELS OF TRAINING (beginner and advanced), to help you build and/or perfect your video editing skills using only your smartphone!


Why don’t you peep the full list of videos below to see for yourself… 



And that's not all...

You'll also gain access our FREE SUPPORT GROUP where you can meet with other smartphone video editors, ask all your questions, get your edited videos reviewed for FREE, and share ideas...

..Imagine people seeing your videos and thinking you paid someone to edit them?

YES, that's how detailed this course is...

Who should take this Video Editing Course?

– Business Owners 

– Digital Marketers

– Social Media page managers

– YouTubers/Vloggers

– Content Creators

– Bloggers

– Freelancers

– Coaches or Consultants

– Trainers

– Teachers

– Students

– Anyone in need of such highly sought-after skill that can easily yield income

– Etc.

After taking this course, you will be able to edit your videos like a professional so as to...

1. Boost your business visibility and sales or personal work and brand

2. Save money you would have paid for expensive video editing software or services

3. Monetize this new skill and get paid to edit videos for others...

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately you register. Once you register, you gain access to the course videos instantly.

This is a FULLY RECORDED practical demonstration course hosted online (Teachable). It’s not a LIVE or physical class or one you hold with others. It’s been recorded for you to watch each practical demonstration video whenever you want and practice at your own time and pace.

We have set up a support group for all students to ask questions, share ideas and post their edited videos for others to review. The link to the group is contained in the course.

The course has 20+ short video tutorials in it, making up about 3-4 hrs total watch time. You can however watch at your pace for longer if you wish, and of course practice as you watch. Access is for 1 year (If you want more you can request at no extra cost).

You have access for a full year. So feel free to watch and practice at your time and pace. If you want more time, you can request at no extra cost. 

Any smartphone (whether Android or iPhone) can be used.

No. The apps I used to demonstrate video editing to you are absolutely FREE. No need to pay.  If you wish to upgrade, this is entirely up to you.

No. This is purely a smartphone video class and everything will be taught using a smartphone. However, if you would like to use your laptop to view the class while you have your smartphone in-hand to explore what is being taught, it’s also fine.

Immediately you register on this website and your payment is successful:

  1. You will automatically be asked to fill and submit your details on a short form
  2. Your course access link will instantly be sent to your inbox. If you use Gmail, please ensure you check your promo tab.
  3. Please ensure you follow the instructions very carefully to access the course.

Meet your Course Facilitator

Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye (@idarenotdread) is the Lead Digital Strategist at iDare.NotDread Digital. She empowers small businesses to scale online, and generate additional income using digital tools and platforms. 

Amba is on a mission to train over 10,000+ entrepreneurs with hands-on digital skills before 2023, so they can transform their representation online, and consistently attract paying clients to their products and offers.

If you have any enquiries please email: