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This is the first of a series, so let’s just get into it…

First, the 1% of Coaches deploy the right Business model that leverages their time, and utilises their resources efficiently.


  1. They understand that they have only 24 hours in a day like everyone. So, they have created sustainable business models that allow them serve many clients at the same time and reap massive benefits/rewards. E.g. Group coaching as against numerous One on one coaching.
  2. They focus more on creating products than services. That way, they are able to serve many with one product and sell that product over and over again.
  3. They are very picky about who they work with. And as a result, they are able to position their brand effectively to attract such clients.

Secondly, the 1% of Coaches communicate with their market appropriately.


  1. They know their clients’ pain. They tend to research deeply to understand who their client is, and the pain they are currently going through. This helps the coach know how best to communicate to the client in a way that the client feels understood. And this always draws in more clients.
  2. They know how to effectively communicate the value of what they are offering. They communicate from this standpoint, letting the client have a feel of the outcome to be achieved. This works because they know clients are only bothered about one thing – RESULTS.
  3. They are approachable, friendly and do not come off as bossy or know it all. They tend to listen more, and this frames their approach to deal effectively with the variety of clients or audiences that they have.
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More to come on this series…

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