…You take some time to craft a really nice, juicy email, pitch an offer and send to your list.

…Then you ‘hype’ yourself! “…Swwweeeet! I’m the FIRE BRAND. They will love this!”

…24 hours later, 8.6% open rate, 1.9% click rate. No alert, no reply… Crickets…

You check your inbox… Email found in your Promotions Tab… Arrrrggggggghhhhh!!!

You can probably relate. As a Coach, Expert, Consultant, or Digital creator with an email list, you have probably sent a mail before that landing straight into the Promotions folder.

Having researched the reason for this, I discovered why some of the emails you send arrive in your subscribers’ promotion tab. Let’s take a look:

a. You include too many links

The receiving email algorithm is smart. It knows the difference between a conversational email and a marketing email. If you load your emails with too many links, it may just be recognized as a marketing mail and get sent straight to promos tab.

b. You don’t personalize your emails

The merge tab helps here, so use it and tag the receiver by his or her name. This will instantly be seen as a friendly mail and if every other requirement is ticked, your mail may skip the promo tab.

c. You use words that trigger SPAM

Now think of your recipient’s box like an alarm that can easily be triggered by some preset rules. In this sense, some of the keywords used in your emails trigger this alarm and sends your email straight to promo!
Keywords like: FREE, Best prices, lowest price, Discount, Offers, Bonanza, passive income, be your own boss, get paid, cash, clearance, money back, free trial, order today, and so much more. As much as possible, try to avoid these keywords.

d. You use designed templates to craft your emails

Now, in as much as you want to brand content and create an appealing email with your logo at the top, header image, colours and designs to make it look all beautiful and glamorous, you only just make it easier for the algorithm to recognize it as a promo mail. Instead use TEXT ONLY. NO DESIGNS, NO HEADER, JUST TEXT. After all, if a friend is sending you an email, they don’t use all that glamour. They just type text and send. So, also do same.

e. You clutter the footer

All those long disclaimers, terms and conditions, etc. are not needed. Delete them. Keep your mails clean and they won’t be seen as promos.

Did you find these few points useful? Please feel free to comment below, and if you would like to book an audit and strategy call with me to audit your email marketing processes, feel free to mail me at info@idarenotdread.com