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The Specific Steps You Need To Follow To Create A Premium Offer And Sign-on Ready-To-Buy High Ticket Clients [without the 'theatrics'...]

From: Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye
Digital Strategist, Business Coach & Author @idarenotdread

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STEP 3: Show up, deliver value, engineer private conversations and SELL!

That’s right Coach!

And by ‘showing up’ and ‘delivering value’, I don’t mean:

– Overwhelming yourself by showing up multiple times on multiple platforms…

– Sharing basic tips, hacks and tricks…

– Creating entertaining reels with trending sounds to go viral

– Creating lots of lifestyle luxury content to show you’re living ‘the life’…

Doing a sophisticated photoshoot while holding a tall glass of champagne to ’embody’ the person you want to become.

[Sigh! Doing business requires deeper stuff than these!]

Some coaches actually fail to realize that doing business isn’t about projecting aesthetical appeal, embodying the ‘luxury’ life, showcasing lifestyle content or going viral.

[Are we even ready for this conversation?]

But, do these things work?

Yes. If you want to attract people who are attracted to shiny objects

People who don’t quite understand that success requires hard work. 

So, they’ll most likely come in desiring the ‘luxury’ content you’ve teased them with, and then expect magic to happen without putting in the work that’s required of them.

You don’t want that happening in your coaching business.

You want to attract the client with the BIG problem who is ready-to-invest premium, and is self-led and committed to do the work and get results.



To achieve these, simply follow these actionable points:


1). Create a clear offer promise: 

What is the BIG solution you’ll help your ideal client achieve? Craft this into an offer promise you can confidently deliver on, and sell/promote online.

[Remember Client A’s offer promise to help coaches, consultants and service businesses convert their leads to buyers through email marketing?]

 2). Clearly articulate the value you offer through your messaging and marketing: 

It’s one thing to have a solution, and it’s another thing to communicate the value enough to get your ideal clients paying.

[And here’s where your messaging comes in…]

Understand the desires of your ideal client and what keeps them up  at night.

Then always aim to connect with them with empowering content and make them feel understood, through your messaging and marketing materials.

3). Initiate more conversations in the DM:

If you’re not a ‘DM person’, it may be tough to sell premium. That’s because selling premium thrives in private conversations. 

Most clients won’t just get on a website and invest lots of money without an initial interaction. And you have to make this possible.

So, invite clients into closed conversations more often.

Offer to get on a quick call or chat to ask them the right questions, listen to their needs, and ascertain if you’re the right fit for each other.

You can also have your team handle these conversations for you.


4). Sell:

Present your solution and exactly how you’ll help the client to achieve results (your framework).

[Your offer must have a clearly mapped out framework showing the steps you use to deliver results. If you need help mapping out yours, feel free to DM me on Instagram @idarenotdread or send me an email via info@idarenotdread.com].

If you’ve done a great job with your messaging ahead (speaking to empowered clients), you won’t need to ‘hard sell’ or respond to 1,000 objections.

You also won’t need to ‘convince’ the client that you can help them, because they’ll already be convinced from consuming your content. 

Simply name your price and how the client can pay. If they’re unable to pay your full fee at once, you can always offer them a 2-part payment plan. 

Now, you may be wondering… “so Amba, where does tech come in with all of these” – i.e. the funnel, sales page or website, email list, etc.

Lol! I’ll talk about that on the next and final page of this letter…

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