Two types of clients exist…


She is solution driven.  

She knows what she wants and she is ready to do what it takes to get what she wants.  

She comes in ready, takes responsibility, brings in the right energy, understands that everything requires a process and is ready to bring her very best to the process.  


She is too problem aware to recognize a solution when she sees it. 

She never takes responsibility and blames everything and everyone but herself for where she is (victim mentality).  

She has millions of objections and hopes to be spoon fed through the entire process. 

 ———- QUESTION———-

Which of these clients would you like to work with?  

I’m guessing you said ‘CLIENT A’.

Very well then, why does 100% of your messaging speak to client B?

If you take a look at your website, blog content, email broadcasts/sequences, social media posts, webinars, ads, etc. you’d notice majority of your messaging speaks to Client B and that’s why you set out to convince her on why you’re the next best solution.  

In doing this, what you don’t realize is that you’re automatically repelling Client A who recognizes a solution when she sees it and wants you to further demonstrate your process rather than dwell on the problem.  

So you see why you’ve been attracting clients who get on calls with you, waste your time and are still unable to pay you?  

My next post will provide more details on the type of content you should be creating instead.  

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