Here’s why…

They’re just not at that point yet. 

And they’re probably not lying if they say they cannot afford you.

Some are too consumed by their problems that they cannot recognize a solution when they see it.

So it’s not your place to ‘prove beyond all reasonable doubt ‘ that they need you, or give them 9 payment plans just to sign them onboard ASAP.

That’s you missing the point!

And you do not want to go down that route…

You’ll just end up working with the exact clients you should avoid –  clients who won’t implement, yet blame you if their inaction doesn’t yield results.

So what then should you do to attract the clients you want i.e. those who CAN afford you?

Fix your first point of connection in marketing which is,

YOUR CONTENT (messaging).

The last thing you should underrate is your content.

It’s not to be taken for granted.

The same content you used to successfully sell a $99 course with 80 videos, won’t sell your $2k, $5k or $10k and above offer.


The dynamics are different. 

And to attract premium clients you have to step up your content to speak to clients on the premium level.

Such clients are empowered, ready-to-take-action and understand what is required to achieve the results they want.

They are not problem-focused but solution-driven. 

And price is not an issue for them if they understand how much more it would cost them if they don’t solve their challenge right now.

So if your content is constantly speaking to people who are too problem aware with victim mentality, and 100% focused on price, you’ll keep struggling to sell that offer.

Is this a problem you currently face? 

Are you at a point where you feel you need to cut down the price of your offers so that people can ‘afford’ you? 

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